donderdag 13 september 2012

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Bonno van der Putten is an entrepreneur and international speaker. Bonno van der Putten has over 20 years of commercial and operational experience at different levels including General Management roles in world’s leading distribution groups like MAKRO, METRO and the Carrefour Group. Bonno has extensive multi store format and P&L experience with big box and small box retailing, Ecommerce, fashion and luxury goods businesses, either company-operated or franchises. Van der Putten has worked across a variety of continents and on international projects on a number of large, complex assignments, many of which have been in Joint Venture, family owned or private equity owned businesses. Subsequently Bonno went into venture capital working with CVC Capital Partners and Crown Capital to help entrepreneurial companies raise between €5 million and €250 million to grow their businesses. Currently Bonno van der Putten is working as Managing Partner of Monarch Equity. Bonno van der Putten is a retail industry specialist and multi channel expert. Bonno has provided operational due diligence, synergy planning and business integration services to PE houses, along with operational restructuring advice and hands-on implementation support to under-performing businesses. Bonno van der Putten also has conducted a significant number of acquisitions and divestments. Bonno started with growth capital with the goal to give entrepreneurs the motivation to follow their passion and the strategies they need to succeed. Van der Putten has also delivered over 100 keynote presentations to entrepreneurs in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has been featured as an entrepreneurial expert for magazines, newspapers, radio, and television and is a recognized business authority. He works with brands to help them connect to the entrepreneur community. “Bonno’s passionate delivery was very awe inspiring, most especially for the entrepreneurs who came to learn from his personal perspective in the entrepreneurial pursuit for success. Bonno van der Putten certainly made a positive impact both on and off stage, and his enthusiasm certainly made it all the more an interesting presentation. This was further more confirmed through the various requests made by participants during the conference meetings, who would like to see more of Bonno and his insights, in future conferences.” – Vince Frickel, organizer, YBF, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Bonno is available for speaking and media engagements.

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