vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Heavywater Energy drink - Fuel for DJs Hell Yeah, I like you Join us - Heavywater - Bonno van der Putten
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zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Dropbox secures nearly €200 million Private Equity funding at €7.5 billion valuation

Dropbox has secured nearly €200 million from Blackrock and other Private Equity investors in a new funding round that values the provider of online storage services at almost €7.5 billion, according to unidentified sources. This makes Dropbox one of the highest-valued venture-backed companies out there. Dropbox is a 6-year-old startup from Silicon Valley many expect to go public anytime soon. The company takes advantage of the current rush of flush investors and skyrocketing valuations for fledgling tech companies. The company has undergone tremendous growth amid the meteoric rise of cloud Internet, storage, which is expected to continue booming alongside mobile computing. Other companies, including Microsoft and Amazon are expanding into the cloud business Dropbox's other investors are said to include Goldman Sachs, Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Index Ventures and some other Venture Capital firms. The valuation of Dropbox as a startup has climbed alongside the demand for online storage. In 2011 Dropbox was valued at about €3 billion after a funding round. Since launching in 2008, Dropbox has established itself as the standard for consumer cloud storage Dropbox offers limited amounts of storage for free to individual consumers, who had been its initial focus, but analysts expect it to increasingly go after the deep-pocketed corporate market. Rival startup business Box is also preparing to go public as early as 2014, sources said #luxury #brands #retail #youngandminted #CEO #retail #marketing #fanpower #privateequity #venturecapital #Funding #IPO #Tech #Newmedia #Startups #EDM #DJ #Seedcapital #entertainment #Facebook #fanengagement # fanloyalty # loyaltyprogram # musicindustry #Recordlabel #socialmedia

woensdag 15 januari 2014

Change your thoughts and you change your world

Change your thoughts and you change your world - visit http://www.monarchcapital.eu/ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show EDM Events Media Celebs DJs Luxury Brands Vegas Dubai Ibiza Miami Bonno van der Putten Monarch Capital Partners Djamila Celina Melcherts DCM Ventures Monarch Capital partners is one of the fastest growing investment management companies for luxury- and emerging consumer lifestyle brands, Tech, EDM Events, DJs, Artists and Newmedia .
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zondag 12 januari 2014

Style in High Definition; Modern black-and-white looks of Luxury fashion houses are stealing the show for spring

Luxury fashion houses like Lanvin, 3.1 Philip Lim and Louis Vuitton are stealing the show for spring. The fashion brands are posting a series of black-and-white photography on photo-sharing platforms to celebrate black-and-white, a colour used a lot in the staple designs for the brands. Lanvin for example enlisted photographers to document the house, including both runway shots and behind-the-scenes images, and then incorporated the photos into the series titled “Shades of Black.” Lately the French fashion brand Lanvin has been focusing a lot on bringing its followers behind-the-scenes content. French atelier Lanvin took its fans behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot for its resort 2014 print campaign by showing the personal interactions and set dynamics of video’s making as well. Content provided by DCM Media Productions, a full-service, independent multimedia production company that focuses on a broad spectrum of entertainment content, television and web-based video productions, and online news. DCM Ventures, backed and led by Entertainment powerhouse and Venture Capital firm Monarch Capital Partners, is uniquely positioned as branding agency for exclusive international entertainment concepts. Led by experienced international executive teams with far-reaching high level networks and diverse professional experience across the world, the company provides unparalleled service to their diverse roster of clients and of artists, giving ample way to emerging talents and promising brands. We specialize in discovering and developing talent, breathtaking events and young companies whose business models disrupt the status quo. Creating partnerships with them and facilitating connections in a wide array of industries — from music, technology, entertainment, newmedia, retail, fashion and finance . Visit us at http://www.monarchcapital.eu/ #fashion #fashionphotography #blackandwhite #monochrome #studio #fashiontest #studio #parabolic #plm #plusphotoextract #earrings #emotion #emotive #modelphotography #modeltest #agency

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Although the joy for the music will never die, the mainstream and popular train EDM is currently conducting is in danger of reaching its peak within the next couple of years.

This doesn’t mean that EDM won’t be “cool” in 5 years, it just means that in 5 years time economical and cultural signs will be emerging in regards to its peaking point. The exciting EDM scene is showing tremendous growth, but at some point, it must reach a point in which it levels out and slows in growth. The decline of EDM will not come for years to come, but in order for the scene to survive, it needs to prove that it is not a shooting star that fades out, but instead a steady and reliable market that can sustain itself once it reaches its resting point. One of the ways to prove that EDM is here to stay even after its done growing is by building a strong economical value that can support the vast market EDM is quickly becoming. Investors and critics state repeatedly that the EDM space is volatile, dangerous, and unreliable in its longevity. Many of these speculations and concerns follow the recent Molly deaths that have been spiking worldwide and are unanimously being tied to EDM. Others argue it’s just a fad amongst kids, and they will out grow their interest soon enough which, quite frankly indicates that EDM isn’t being taken seriously in the marketplace. In order to prove our validity to the general markets of the world, EDM will need to break out of the stereotypes reinforced by mainstream media so it may prove it is here to stay. Since day one we've worked with our Partner Music Academies around the world in the pursuit of discovering and promoting exciting new music from around the globe. With their round the world escapades and respect in the underground music community, the Music Academies have been killing it. Over the last 4 years, the shows we curated together have been some of the most inspiring we've had as well as leading us into new broadcasting arenas. As you've probably gathered, we're pretty excited to make our new partnerships official. This new section of the site will keep you updated on all we do together. Visit us at http://www.monarchcapital.eu/ #EDM #youngandminted #ADE13 #supermodels #Vegas #tomorrowland #escapefromwonderland #partyhard #rave #DJ #Bookings #Celebs #PrivateEquity #Funding #startups #eatsleepraverepeat #calvinharris #hardstyle #house #music #edc #followme #playboy #kandi #gogo #instafollow #picoftheday #iphoneonly #trance #edmlife

zaterdag 4 januari 2014

Luxury brands increasingly focus on travelling shoppers

Luxury brands are stepping up the battle for travelling shoppers with more outlets at airports and on cruise ships, tapping into one of the fastest growing sections of the market that looks set to keep booming thanks to soaring numbers of Asian tourists. Revenues from travel retail, which also includes sales on airplanes, rose 9.4% in 2012 to Є43 billion, according to market research from Monarch Capital Partners and others. It should reach €50 billion this year and nearly double in size by 2020. "This channel is becoming more and more important," Bonno van der Putten, Managing Director of retail experts Monarch Capital Partners, said. "People are spending more time in airports where the shopping experience and environment has become increasingly entertaining." Lingerie and beauty product supplier Victoria’s Secret for example recently opened a couple new beauty and accessories stores across Europe. Victoria’s Secret and Monarch Capital co-operate these stores in partnership with other local travel retailer groups The new Victoria’s Secret stores aim to surround travellers in luxury and have modern façades with dynamic storefronts that boast an air of sophistication. The stores will also showcase both its brand identity and range of products with a “gallery of iconic black and white images and video walls broadcasting footage of the Victoria’s Secret Angels”, according to Victoria’s Secret The airport stores obviously will focus on a fashion-forward range of beauty products and accessories designed for the modern traveller. Shoppers looking for beauty products will find fragrances like the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, the newly-launched Fabulous collection and other products. Travel-ready items such as signature lip glosses and body-care products will also be available. Monarch also co-operates other airport concessionaire operations among which the French luxury brands Hermes and Chanel, the latter, the world's 2nd-biggest brand behind Louis Vuitton by sales, and has boutiques in four Asian airports and one at London, whereas there are plans to open a boutique in Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and another in Dubai. Chinese tourists, who barely featured in luxury brands' customer statistics a little over a decade ago, now make up 29% of global luxury spending, according to market information That trend is set to continue, and forecasted is nearly half of all air traffic in the medium term will come from the Asia Pacific versus 37% now. Though most luxury brands raised prices, particularly in the €-zone and in Japan, to make up for currency moves, van der Putten estimates that over 2/3 of luxury spending by mainland Chinese was made overseas in 2013, due partly to local duties. According to Monarch Capital, Europe remains the cheapest market for handbags with prices 9% below those in Hong Kong and 28% below mainland China, while the yen's weakness has played in favour of luxury shoppers in Japan. Monarch Capital expects the Chinese travel market will grow at a compound annual rate of about 11% from 2012 to 2030. Chinese urban travellers took about 500 million domestic and outbound trips in 2012, spending about €200 billion, and it expects those numbers to increase to 1.7 billion trips and $1.8 trillion in spending by 2030. Hermes, which has 50 boutiques in airports around the world, is turning these into proper free-standing shops to better tap the booming market. Van der Putten says that this channel affects the customers that are more interested in luxury than the average and that travel retail represented a significant portion of Hermes's total sales. According to van der Putten is also L'Oreal, the world's biggest cosmetics group and maker of Lancome creams and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, strongly committed to travel retail, creating a dedicated division to travel retail Sales from travel retail generate 15% of total revenues at L'Oreal's luxury division and 12% for rival Guerlain (LVMH). Perfume and cosmetics represent the biggest product category for travel retail with 28% of the market, ahead of wines and spirits with an 18% market share, fashion and accessories with 13.5% and then watches and jewellery with 12.2%. Monarch Capital’s retail division works with LVMH on plans to launch a new retail concept called Galleria, specially designed for travel luxury shoppers. It was already pointed out earlier that the global luxury and cosmetics product makers are there to get their piece of the cake in new and emerging markets, cutting their dependence on mature markets in Europe and the U.S, where they are facing a lower consumer spendings, depressed economic environments amid the general macroeconomic slowdown.