woensdag 29 augustus 2012


bonnovdputten by bonno van der Putten
bonnovdputten, a photo by bonno van der Putten on Flickr.

Bonno van der Putten is an enterprising, forward-thinking corporate strategist and hands-on change agent. As an entrepreneurial P&L driver, Bonno offers more than 20 years of visionary leadership, business development expertise and distinguished performance guiding early-stage companies and multinational enterprises to technology innovation, lean operations, dramatic revenue gains and profit improvements.
He is a decisive, respected leader with proven strength of character and impeccable work ethic. Van der Putten is also exceptionally innovative, collaborative and action oriented in solving complex business issues and establishing success-driven cultures. With over 20 years of demonstrated accomplishments in managing complex organizations, Bonno brings the critical and functional skills to your boardroom.

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