dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Life’s a beach, go shopping - Lifestyle accessories by DCM Media Productions

Holidays are no longer a fashion-free zone, with designers supplying summer with the most luxurious beach kit Holidays are no hiding place from fashion. Given that designers are fast claiming every aspect of our lives, from technology to sports gear, it was only a matter of time before they got to – well, time off. And not just the clothes we wear, but everything that comes with that. Consumers are investing in luxury beach accessories more than ever before. Shoppers are looking for more than just swimwear. Beach style is all about accessorising and detail. It’s not about co-ordinating a look, more a process of personalisation. With so much now on offer that is both practical and luxurious, luxury retailers have opened year-round travel stores for both men and women in response to the strong demand. In other words, we have gone beyond the bikini, the flip-flop and the sun hat. It started with towels, the designer offerings; then it moved on to beach bags, now the trend has now grown to encompass a myriad of “lifestyle” accessories. It’s not just the established brands; a host of niche artisan labels have stepped in to cater for the demand for luxury holiday extras. Many continue to extend their collections into the lifestyle sector with stylish travel accessories and specialist swim brands adding more accessories to the product lines, such as sunglasses, watches, holiday jewellery, beach bags and travel wallets.

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