zondag 12 januari 2014

Style in High Definition; Modern black-and-white looks of Luxury fashion houses are stealing the show for spring

Luxury fashion houses like Lanvin, 3.1 Philip Lim and Louis Vuitton are stealing the show for spring. The fashion brands are posting a series of black-and-white photography on photo-sharing platforms to celebrate black-and-white, a colour used a lot in the staple designs for the brands. Lanvin for example enlisted photographers to document the house, including both runway shots and behind-the-scenes images, and then incorporated the photos into the series titled “Shades of Black.” Lately the French fashion brand Lanvin has been focusing a lot on bringing its followers behind-the-scenes content. French atelier Lanvin took its fans behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot for its resort 2014 print campaign by showing the personal interactions and set dynamics of video’s making as well. Content provided by DCM Media Productions, a full-service, independent multimedia production company that focuses on a broad spectrum of entertainment content, television and web-based video productions, and online news. DCM Ventures, backed and led by Entertainment powerhouse and Venture Capital firm Monarch Capital Partners, is uniquely positioned as branding agency for exclusive international entertainment concepts. Led by experienced international executive teams with far-reaching high level networks and diverse professional experience across the world, the company provides unparalleled service to their diverse roster of clients and of artists, giving ample way to emerging talents and promising brands. We specialize in discovering and developing talent, breathtaking events and young companies whose business models disrupt the status quo. Creating partnerships with them and facilitating connections in a wide array of industries — from music, technology, entertainment, newmedia, retail, fashion and finance . Visit us at http://www.monarchcapital.eu/ #fashion #fashionphotography #blackandwhite #monochrome #studio #fashiontest #studio #parabolic #plm #plusphotoextract #earrings #emotion #emotive #modelphotography #modeltest #agency

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