zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Although the joy for the music will never die, the mainstream and popular train EDM is currently conducting is in danger of reaching its peak within the next couple of years.

This doesn’t mean that EDM won’t be “cool” in 5 years, it just means that in 5 years time economical and cultural signs will be emerging in regards to its peaking point. The exciting EDM scene is showing tremendous growth, but at some point, it must reach a point in which it levels out and slows in growth. The decline of EDM will not come for years to come, but in order for the scene to survive, it needs to prove that it is not a shooting star that fades out, but instead a steady and reliable market that can sustain itself once it reaches its resting point. One of the ways to prove that EDM is here to stay even after its done growing is by building a strong economical value that can support the vast market EDM is quickly becoming. Investors and critics state repeatedly that the EDM space is volatile, dangerous, and unreliable in its longevity. Many of these speculations and concerns follow the recent Molly deaths that have been spiking worldwide and are unanimously being tied to EDM. Others argue it’s just a fad amongst kids, and they will out grow their interest soon enough which, quite frankly indicates that EDM isn’t being taken seriously in the marketplace. In order to prove our validity to the general markets of the world, EDM will need to break out of the stereotypes reinforced by mainstream media so it may prove it is here to stay. Since day one we've worked with our Partner Music Academies around the world in the pursuit of discovering and promoting exciting new music from around the globe. With their round the world escapades and respect in the underground music community, the Music Academies have been killing it. Over the last 4 years, the shows we curated together have been some of the most inspiring we've had as well as leading us into new broadcasting arenas. As you've probably gathered, we're pretty excited to make our new partnerships official. This new section of the site will keep you updated on all we do together. Visit us at #EDM #youngandminted #ADE13 #supermodels #Vegas #tomorrowland #escapefromwonderland #partyhard #rave #DJ #Bookings #Celebs #PrivateEquity #Funding #startups #eatsleepraverepeat #calvinharris #hardstyle #house #music #edc #followme #playboy #kandi #gogo #instafollow #picoftheday #iphoneonly #trance #edmlife

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