maandag 7 oktober 2013

Secret Sales launches industry-first loyalty programme; supported by Private Equity and Family Offices

Secret Sales, the designer fashion flash sale site, has launched its first ever customer loyalty scheme. The scheme, which Secret Sales claims is the first of its type in the flash sale sector, gives customers the opportunity to redeem points against purchases made on the site. Customers will be offered five points for every pound spent and for every 500 points earned, they will be given a £5 voucher which can be redeemed during their next Secret Sales’ purchase. Tech and Newmedia focused seed-stage investor DCM Ventures, backed by Private Equity and Venture Capital firm Monarch Capital Partners completed its second fund of €15 million. The fund, which was raised from undisclosed high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs, invests €200,000 to €300,000 in syndicated seed rounds in tech, music, newmedia, consumer and ecommerce sectors, while holding additional funds for follow-on funding. The firm’s first seed-stage fund of just under €8 million was raised almost two years ago and boasts six exits so far. The DCM Venture Fund will be used to scale the next wave of startups ushering in the future of mobile, music, newmedia and online TV. ‘Since we partnered with Monarch at our seed round, they have been invaluable to our growth and evolution as a company. They’ve been extremely hands on and helpful across a wide variety of areas and their network and expertise is unparalleled.” says Djamila Celina Melcherts, cofounder of DCM Ventures. DCM Ventures began investing in 2012 in, what was then, seen by many as a relatively niche focus of only newmedia and mobile companies. Since then it has done more early stage newmedia deals than any other fund of its size. “Our knowledge and unparalleled network in tech, newmedia, consumer and the mobile ecosystem is what sets DCM Ventures apart, and we are excited to continue to fuel amazing entrepreneurs who leverage new technology to change the way we live,” says Monarch founding general partner Bonno van der Putten. “Our international presence in both London and Barcelona allows DCM to find the best up-and-coming startups for us to help scale into the next hot tech and mobile trends.” DCM Ventures is the first independent seed stage venture firm investing exclusively in tech, newmedia and mobile technologies. DCM Ventures was founded on the belief that the greatest technological catalyst of our time is the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices providing constant connectivity to the majority of the world population. learn more at

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