dinsdag 17 september 2013

London Fashion Week Trend Spotted; Graphic Sweatshirt Dressing Goes Upscale; photo Djamila Celina Melcherts

More and more graphic tops spotted in the new spring 2014 collections of designers as we saw in New York and London. High Street retailers like Topshop, the luxury fashion brand Youngandminted , Wulterkens next to designers like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Christopher Kane have ushered in an attractive lot of not-so-standard-issue crew-neck sweatshirts, emblazoned with bold, eye-catching graphics, in their new collections. These statement pieces have been paired with unexpected separates, like patterned skirts at Christopher Kane and Marc Jacobs and voluminous graphic shorts at Alexander Wang, for looks that are cozy yet chic. The London Fashion Week counts with 58 designers showcasing their wares over the course of five days. The fashion industry in the UK is now worth £21bn to the economy and supports 816,000 jobs. Over the last decade, sales of UK designer clothing have risen 20pc a year thanks to the success of companies such as Burberry and growing demand from emerging middles class populations in Asia.

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