donderdag 16 oktober 2014

Fashion and accessories brands enter beauty realms with sensual take on the modern woman

Fashion and accessories brands enter beauty realms with sensual take on the modern woman Iconic looks bringing beauty to masses; Fashion and accessories brands have seen the potential in building up beauty offerings Beauty collections are considered to be a safe bet for fashion brands because the products help to create a branded look as well as appeal to all levels of consumers ranging from established to aspirational. For example, British fashion label Burberry opened a new digitally enhanced retail location to showcase its recently launched beauty line. The Burberry Beauty Box, located in London’s Covent Garden, carries Burberry’s beauty, fragrance and accessory lines, and offers consumers the ability to discover the brand’s cosmetics through both sales associate consultations and digital touchpoints, including mobile checkout. By creating a space specifically for its beauty line, Burberry is able to encourage consumer interaction with its beauty products, drive sales of the new line and test out new retail tactics. Since this is Gucci’s entrance into the beauty realm, the brand should have made the products the focus rather than its ideal consumer. Gucci Cosmetics has released its first ever beauty campaign to explore the sensual world of its modern consumer. Gucci’s first foray into the world of cosmetics officially began with a launch party during Milan Fashion Week held at its Milanese boutique. Now, the fashion label is using digital touchpoints to build awareness as it formally introduce the product range to enthusiasts. At the launch party during Milan Fashion Week, Gucci unveiled its beauty line for guests and shared the images on its social channels to generate anticipation for the collection’s long-awaited debut Gucci’s beauty collection includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, face makeup, tools and nail polish. In general terms luxury brands are under pressure from weakening market. The global luxury sector is facing a slowdown and expectations are that luxury sales will grow by 2pc this year to €223bn (£140bn), compared to 3pc growth in 2013 and 10pc in 2012. The market is being affected by political uncertainties, but also cold weather in North America and weak consumer confidence in Europe. Chinese consumers remain the biggest spenders overall, although their growth in spending is slowing down as anti-corruption measures kick in. Global retail intelligence. Partner with high level professionals around the world to drive dynamic strategies through an intuitive online platform and bespoke advisory service . - Actionable retail insights that create competitive advantage. Visit us Power your dynamic multi-channel strategies. #yesfashion #luxury #brands #fashion #venturecapital #RKOI #TBT #ibiza #fanpower #ADE14 #Danceandbrands #proud2Bstout #EDMlife #DJ #entertainment #investmentfund #EDMCLublife #events #swag #DCM #teamwork #bonnovanderputten #djamilacelina #marketing #professional #football #player #benfica #HNWI #photooftheday #monarchcapital

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