zaterdag 7 juni 2014

You can’t have a magnetic organization without magnetic leaders - Feel the Vibe Follow us

We will get your brand out there. Into the open. Into the streets. Or maybe into a selected group of the coolest people on the planet. Whatever you prefer. How? We tell stories your target group likes to hear. And wants to share. Authentic, original and flat out awesome. We specialize in twenty- and thirty-somethings. Young or young at heart, mostly into fashion, beauty, arts, gadgets, travel, culture and new things. With big plans and the means to back it up. We do extended research in this target group, so you would love to involve us in your plans from the very beginning. Invite us for a brainstorm and we will give you tons of inspiration. More-way communication We do not only have strong relationships with our many personal press contacts but also with the ACES in your target group. With aces we mean the designers, artists, DJ’s and all talent that can be considered trendsetters, with large amounts of followers and peers. We collaborate intensively with both sides, because we believe in more-way communication, as we like to call it. Old PR patterns don't do the trick anymore. PR works not only outside in, but also inside out, starting with these ACES. We can boost your brand by creating ambassadors, but we can also test your product in the target group and get valuable feedback for you. And hey, if it sucks, we can exactly tell you why. For all sorts of PR projects, we are the ones to call. Based on our golden idea (or working with your brilliant angle), we create a solid foundation via multi media releases and our strong contacts in all relevant groups. We can build this out from here to the moon. Via intensive plugging projects, press events, guerrilla campaigns, collaborations or sponsoring plans. But we also can throw a dope party or paint some cops green for you. To be short, we will do anything possible to boost your brand to the maximum. We will not work for you, we will work with you. Magic can be just a step away. Luxury Brands Celeb DJs Bonno van der Putten Djamila Celina Melcherts Monarch Capital #marketing #EDM #luxury #brands #supermodels #tagsforlikes #followme #instalike #igers #DJ #instadaily #iphoneonly #blond #follow4follow #hardstyle #sexy #house #music #luxuryclubbing #TFLers #bestoftheday #like #instacool #webstagram #instago #picoftheday #fashion #like4like #swag #monarchcapital

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