vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Nivea To Be Listed At Aldi In Germany

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in Germany look set to add the Nivea brand to their drugstore department, says Bonno van der Putten , global head of retail at PE firm Monarch Capital Partners, who told us about the shifts we're seeing in the retail landscape. According to van der Putten and as mentioned in the Lebensmittel Zeitung, following extended negotiations with Beiersdorf, around six varietals will hit the discounter's shelves this May, making this the first brand to be listed in Aldi's drugstore department since the de-listing of Reckitt Benckiser's 'Kukident' brand some years ago. Indeed, says van der Putten, Nivea's listing will make it one of just a few brands to be sold in German stores, as the general decision to add some leading brands to its assortment has only resulted in a small number of listings in the retailer's home market of Germany. The listing of various Coca-Cola branded soft drinks last autumn has reportedly generated significant sales gain without cannibalizing Aldi own-label alternatives. Van der Putten says the Nivea brand, founded in 1911, is one of the biggest skin care brands in the world and is available in over 200 countries. According to van der Putten, for Beiersdorf, the Nivea brand is the most important in their portfolio, contributing approximately €3.7 billion to the Group's total sales of €6.040 billion in 2012. The company's aim for the brand is "to secure leading market positions in the individual product categories in as many countries as possible" , says van der Putten. The brand enjoys strong links with German consumers; in 2006, an 800 sqm 'Nivea Haus' was established in Hamburg, the city in which Nivea was founded in 1911. A second 'Nivea Haus' followed in 2009 in Berlin. It is clear, says van der Putten that retail is going through a period of flux. From big box stores to specialty shops to online vendors, everyone's trying to figure out how to survive or how to differentiate. It has become all about the ability to adapt as technology transforms the retail landscape. "As a shopper, your basic needs don't change," says Bonno van der Putten, Managing Director of Monarch Capital Partners and retail expert . "But your behavior is dependent on the technology that's around you." Monarch identifies 9 major trends its Future of Retail report that are part of the "seismic shift" changing the retail world, and provides examples of companies that are making an impact. Retail is changing fast. New pressures are taking their toll on the industry, and retailers have to adapt if they want to survive. Competition is more intense than it has ever been. With all the new channels for selling that are now available, retailers have a huge number of ways to reach consumers. Bonno van der Putten has posted several great presentations about the future of retail. "A important part of the brands of yesterday will die," says van der Putten in one of his presentations. "Some with a bang and some slowly as if from an incurable wasting disease." In his management presentations, van der Putten lays out what retailers can do to survive. He says that you have to cut costs, relentlessly strive for the best customer service and optimize stores no matter how much it hurts, and that inventory control is "as important as breathing."

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