maandag 4 maart 2013

Bonno van der Putten on Funding, Risk and Restructuring programs.

Over the past ten years Bonno van der Putten has led the turnaround of several major businesses; restructured companies to increase efficiency and managed business-critical disaster recoveries. Bonno van der Putten teaches on Funding, Risk and Restructuring programs. On these programs students learn to understand who they are as a leader and how their role as a leader relates to the wider organisation. The programs combine the theories of leadership with the practical aspects of being a leader, to deliver graduates who are ready to succeed in a highly competitive and rapidly changing business climate Bonno's research and publications focus on corporate governance, IPOs, mutual funds, PE stories, capital structure and debt restructuring. Bonno consults for numerous companies and is an Associate Editor of several leading finance and accounting journals. . Learn more: and

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